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We will be taking a break for 2015, regrouping, and figuring out how (or if) to move forward with the next WOM Fest.  Keep in touch with us on Facebook!

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Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone who came out to Warriors of Metal Fest Open Air VI this summer.  While we all know the attendance was not what we were hoping for, It looked like just about everyone had a really good time and got to listen to some really good bands (and some really, really good bands!). We hope you all have found yourselves fans of at least one new band you hadn't heard of before.


We would also like to thank our volunteers - without you, this would not be possible at all. It's a lot of work to put this on, as small as it is, and we appreciate everyone who is willing to come and help out.  I would especially like to thank Liz and Phill who spent pretty much the whole weekend tag-teaming the gate and dealing with those damned biting flies and mosquitos - you guys are lifesavers!  


Finally, we would like to thank all of our sponsors!!  We cannot possibly thank you enough, and your enthusiasm for what we are trying to do give us the strength to look toward another possible year.


You are all metal gods to us - Metal on!

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